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Central Oregon

Tidbits, Myths, And Legends

Share your Central Oregon Tidbits, Myths, and Legends about how Central Oregon was settled. Who were the heroes and the champions? What fascinating glimpses from the past here have been shared by your family over time? What are the best stories folks should remember?

Please provide any reference links that would help Wise Buys verify your account.

*Submissions must be limited to 500 words and are subject to editing for space and other considerations.

Required for consideration:

  • Full Legal Name.

  • Address.

  • Daytime Phone.

  • Email. (If Available.)

*Submissions do not guarantee publication. Publishing stories and tidbits will be at the sole discretion of Wise Buys Ads and More based upon interest and available space, among other factors.

Wise Buys Ads And More reserves the right to publish submissions via its print, digital, and/or social media platforms.

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Central Oregon

Tidbits, Myths, And Legends Form

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